I know, I know…

I created this blog with the earnest intent of updating it daily, if not regularly. As it turns out, school, my job search, and life in general has prevented me from updating it like I had planned, or even at all. Well, school is nearly done and therefore I will have much more time for other pursuits like blogging, fountain pens, and reading something other than a textbook.

I should bring you, my dear reader, up to speed on what has been happening. As I mentioned, I am nearly done with school. I have passed both my written and oral comprensive examinations, and all I need to do is complete the course I am currently enrolled in. Graduation is scheduled for next month, and I plan to participate in the ceremony. I cannot wait! I have completed this degree totally online, and while I have had lots of virtual contact with my fellow students and faculty, I have never met any of them face to face. I am really looking forward to putting names and faces together, and touring the historic Park University campus. Truthfully, I think I am done with school for a good long time. I may consider another degree at some point in the future, but right now that is not very likely.

Because I have been working on my degree, I have not been working quite as hard at finding a job. My beautiful and wonderful wife (hereafter known as “The Readhead”) has graciously allowed me to focus my efforts on school, rather than trying to go full-speed on both. However, I have recently started to turn up the heat, so to speak. I have been networking and getting interviews, and I believe it is only a matter of time before I receive an offer. I am looking primarly for a position in government or higher education, or with an association or non-profit. My career goal is to make an impact in my community, and to assist military personnel and veterans. My neighbor retired from the military recently as well, and we are sort of going through this transition together.

Until next time,



About Dale

USAF retired. Rotarian. @AZCardinals fan. Scotch whisky lover. Vinyl spinner. Nikon shooter. Fountain pen geek.
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