Happy 2013!

Well, 2013 is almost here, and with that comes the promise of happiness and prosperity in the new year. I’m not one for making new year’s resolutions, primarily because I never seem to be able to keep them! Having said that, however, I will:

Be more compassionate and charitable toward my fellow-man; everyone needs a hand up now and then, including me. Obviously, the world could use a lot more compassion and charity. I have been truly blessed in my life, and I will remember that no matter how bad things get someone always has it worse. I will give of my time, treasure, and talents to lighten the load for others, and I will be thankful when someone does the same for me.

Be a better husband to my amazing and loving wife. Maybe I should ask the Redhead to compile a list of all of my failings before I embark on trying to improve! My wife is my rock, and I will work every day to show her how much I cherish her and how thankful I am that she is in my life.

Be a good citizen, and do my part to make this great Nation of ours even better. Unlike many around the world, we Americans enjoy the freedom to voice our own opinions and the privilege to vote our conscience. Some folks complain about what is going wrong in their communities, the country, or around the world, but when election day rolls around those same people fail to show up and vote. I don’t profess to have all the answers, but I know that the only way to sustain our democracy is to actively participate in it. I will study the issues and candidates so I can make an informed decision.

Take better care of myself, in mind, body, and spirit. I will make more time to read and converse with family and friends, and less time on trivial pursuits like television and the Internet. I will do my best to eat right and exercise regularly, but I will not be a fanatic about it. Everything in moderation, including moderation! Finally, I will feed my soul by attending mass weekly to improve my relationship with God.

Here’s hoping 2013 brings you and yours all the joy and prosperity you desire!


About Dale

USAF retired. Rotarian. @AZCardinals fan. Scotch whisky lover. Vinyl spinner. Nikon shooter. Fountain pen geek.
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5 Responses to Happy 2013!

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  2. These are kind and generous wish for 2013,”Be more compassionate and charitable toward my fellow-man; everyone needs a hand up now and then, including me. Obviously, the world could use a lot more compassion and charity. ” The world needs a lot of healing and kindness and it does starts with us. I had my share of problems in 2012 but when I watch the news and witness the tragedies I am humbled. I wish for a better life for all this year. happy new year!

  3. dalerupright says:

    Thank you. I think we all had a very challenging 2012, but I believe the future is bright and things will get better. In the end, I cannot change the world…I can only change how I behave in it and maybe lighten the load for someone else. Have an awesome 2013!

  4. Dale,
    I’ve just recently met you through your blog, but you already feel like an old and earnest friend.

  5. dalerupright says:

    Thank you very much, Lennart! I came across your blog via Fountain Pen Network, and I have enjoyed reading it as well.


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