Best Grill Accessory Ever!

The weather here in Illinois has been unseasonably perfect over the last few weeks, given the very wet spring we experienced, and The Readhead and I have been grilling and dining al fresco quite a bit lately. The practice is definitely improving my barbecue skills! For my retirement from the Air Force a couple of years ago, The Readhead gifted me a Char-Broil six-burner gas grill. This thing is a beast! With 650 square inches of cooking surface and up to 65,000 BTU (cue Tim “The Toolman” Taylor grunt), I can cook just about anything I want for as many people as I want.

Anyway, for Christmas last year, The Redhead gave me a rotisserie attachment for the grill. We both love rotisserie chicken, but they can be expensive and it always tastes like the grocer injected the bird with a lot of salt which is not very healthy or tasty. Now, I control the flavor and save money at the same time. This cooking method is incredibly easy, too. All you do is place the bird on the spit, attach it to the grill, turn on the motor, and forget about it for about 90 minutes. The result is a chicken that is very juicy and tender. Here is my latest attempt:

DSCN0271I have also done a pork loin roast and achieved similar results:

DSCN0366I totally recommend getting a rotisserie for your grill. I am thinking about trying a small (8-10 lb) turkey next to see how that works, and maybe even do a prime rib. What experiences have you had? I’m always looking for new tips and tricks!


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One Response to Best Grill Accessory Ever!

  1. That is a very awesome grill tool. Multi-purpose with delicious results!

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