Rotary Club of O’Fallon’s First First Little Free Library

Club President Casey Scharven and members of the Rotary Club of O’Fallon, Illinois, gathered after our regular meeting recently to dedicate our club’s first Little Free Library at the Katy Cavins Community Center in O’Fallon. According to their website, Little Free Library’s mission is: 1) To promote literacy and the love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide; and 2) To build a sense of community as we share skills, creativity, and wisdom across generations. These goals fit perfectly with our club’s focus on improving our community and supporting literacy.

Rotary LFL 2For those who are not be familiar, the idea behind Little Free Library is to place libraries at homes, businesses, etc., and share books for free. Anyone can take a book, return a book, or donate their own books to help “pay it forward.” Our particular Little Free Library was built by club members and decorated by students at Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary School. They did an awesome job!

Rotary LFL 1

As an ongoing community service project, our club plans to build more Little Free Libraries and place them in various locations around town. Excellent work, Rotarians!


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One Response to Rotary Club of O’Fallon’s First First Little Free Library

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Keep up the good work! I hope this is going to be contagious.

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