NaBloPoMo #3: Kitchen Appliances

Permit me a small rant, if you will. So The Redhead informs me that the coating on both the upper and lower dish racks in our 10-year old dishwasher is wearing off and they have begun to rust. She does some research and informs me that the cost to replace them is over $300, more than the cost of a comparable new dishwasher.  I don’t know what I should be more mad about, that the cost of the parts is outrageously high or that manufacturers force you to buy a new appliance when all you need are a couple of wire racks!

Anyway, we spent the afternoon shopping all the big-box stores but didn’t find anything that met all The Redhead’s requirements. Then we stopped at a locally owned appliance store and found a great dishwasher made in America that has all the features we were looking for. But then she reminds me that the refrigerator and microwave are also 10 years old, and that we have had the refrigerator repaired twice already. I could see the dollar signs twinkling in the salesman’s eyes as our conversation progressed. We’ve got to do our part to stimulate the economy, right?

Ah well, like many things in life, appliances don’t last forever. We supported a local business, bought American-made appliances, and The Redhead is happy…Triple score! I will have more room for beer as well, so that is an added bonus especially with the holidays approaching. Now we wait for delivery. The good news is, the new appliances will match our 5-year old stove!



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USAF retired. Rotarian. @AZCardinals fan. Scotch whisky lover. Vinyl spinner. Nikon shooter. Fountain pen geek.
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